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Interesting Cities
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Interesting Cities Sharm El Sheikh
One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Arab world, Sharm Al Sheikh is a well known resort town at the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Besides enjoying swimming in the warm water or Parasailing,tourists can visit the churches and monuments in the old historic town section. They can also find in "Sharm", as it is commonly called, the finest diving spots in the world or head to Tiran and Ras Mohammed, which are reportedly the best diving centers. Moreover, they can choose to be part of an unforgettable adventurous trip into the desert. This incredible combination of desert and deep-blue sea defines what Sharm Al Sheikh is truly about.

The center of nightlife, recreation, and dining is that part of the city called "Neama Bay". There is a nice promenade, most of Sharm's clubs, cafés (a Hard Rock Café) and terraces, variable restaurants of different categories, malls and shops.

Today, Sharm Al Sheikh has grown into three distinct areas. North of Neama Bay, you can visit Nabq area, the Old Market, and Hadaba to the South of Neama Bay.

Diving is the main activity in Sharm Al Sheikh. Leaving the remote desert behind and diving into the warm water of the Red Sea make you enter a world full of life and colors. The reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed are known as two of the best diving-spots in the world where you can explore an incredible collection of fish ranging from Murrays and Sharks to Stingrays and Barracudas. They can be accessed from Sharm Al Sheikh by boat.

A visit to the desert is another activity highly recommended. Various trips to the Bedouins, the beautiful Colored Canyon and beyond to Mount Sinai. The more adventurous should try to find a private guide, who takes them for a few days into the mountain desert with a camel through hidden valleys, rest at secret oasis and sleep during the night under a breathtaking firmament. Among other activities, tourists have the option to choose Horseback riding, Quad bikes,and Camel Trekking to add to the taste of adventure and change.

Sharm will also allow the tourist the opportunity to extend their visits further away in the vicinity. Mount St. Catherine is the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments and where a visit can be paid to the historic St. Catherine Monastery. Dahab, is another small and relaxing resort town, 90 km north from Sharm Al Sheikh, just over one hour away, offering a wide range of wind water sports as well as the famous Blue Hole.

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is such a magical combination of stunning seaside views, luxurious comfort and a myriad of local and international dining,
exceptional diving opportunities and entertaining recreation choices that it offers its Guests a true taste of paradise.
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Interesting Cities
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