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Interesting Cities
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Interesting Cities Hurghada
Hurghada is a resort town on the West bank of the Red sea. It lies some 395 km south of Suez and is well famous for its magnificent summer and winter climate. The clarity of its water, the rare marine life, and its Coral reefs found offshore made it a centre of tourist attraction especially for diving, snorkeling and practicing water sports.

Besides being an excellent location for swimming in the warm sea, diving and snorkeling watching hundreds of varieties of tropical fish just 10 meters from the beach, Hurghada offers, to the less adventurous visitor, the exploration of its exquisite underwater marine life, the amazing coral reefs and underwater scenery through well-equipped glass bottom submarines.

Hurghada has a large number of hotels and tourist resorts of different categories, in addition to restaurants providing excellent and varied cuisine, bazaars for curious and good shoppers, as well as numerous well-equipped diving centersoffering facilities for aquatic sports. Such facilities include scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skis, glass boats and boat trips to nearby uninhabited islands such as the most attractive and popular Giftun island. Hurghada's Aquarium, which houses the most wonderful marine species especially the mermaid, is not to be missed.

To the satisfaction of desert adventurers, There are other good options to tour the surrounding beautiful Eastern Desert such as motorbike rides, beach buggies, jeeps, quad-biking hundreds of miles into the Sahara desert for tea with a Bedouin tribe, and camel-riding across Biblical plains to see remote and ancient wonders.

Organized trips and tours to nearby attractions are possible since Hurghada is connected by paved road across Safaga and Qena (daily sightseeing tours to Luxor). A cruise service connects as well Hurghada with Sharm Al-Sheikh by ferry.

The Red Sea region abounds in monuments of the various historical eras:

Pharaonic and Roman antiquities: Roman ruins(71 km south of Hurghada); the remains of Roman temples in Gabal AI-Dokhan (65 km north of Hurghada). Christian Monuments: St. Antonius Monastery (50 km north of Za'farana) at the foot of the mountain overlooking the sea, dating back to the 4th century; St. Paul's Monastery (on the Ras Ghareb / Za'afarana road) dating back to the end of the 4th century. lslamic Monuments: The shrine of Sheikh Abul Hassan AL-Shazli (150 km from Marsa Alam City), datings back to 656 Higri; The tower of Sultan Selim in Al Qusseir (140 km south of Hurghada).

Some Diving locations South of Hurghada: Al-Gona - Abu Ramada Grand coral reef - Abu Hasish Island coral reef - Megawish Island coral reef. Some Diving locations North of Hurghada: Abu-Monkar coral reef - Abu Katra coral reef - Abu Nahass coral reef - North of Al-Geftoon coral reef - Um -Kamar coral reef.

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Interesting Cities
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