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Interesting Cities
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Interesting Cities Alexandria
Alexandria is Egypt's second large city, its largest seaport and its window onto the Mediterranean Sea. It is also renown for its varied cultural attractions and still existing touches of its past, some of the ruins still under the water.

Alexandria has a Mediterranean climate, with warm humid summers and mild rainy winters. Its primary promenade is the seaside Corniche. At the Western tip, lies the fort of QaitBay, built near the presumed site of the former legendry Lighthouse while new constructions of modern Alexandria fill the scenery of the Eastern shore. Signs of the old cultural scene, such as the French-style parks, buildings, occasional French street signs, few remaining Greek restaurants and cafés, still intermingle with modern Alexandria wherever you go.

Recommended Historical sites
Citadel of Qaitbay, Ras el-Tin, built in 1480 by Sultan Qaitbay on the site of the Pharos Lighthouse. Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel, four tombs dating from the second century BC in excellent condition and beautifully decorated; Roman Catacombs, Kom-el-Shuqqafa, stunning set of catacombs with a fascinating mix of Roman and Egyptian iconography. Pompey's Pillar, Karmouz, an ancient 25-meter-high granite column constructed in honor of the Emperor Diocletian in AD 297. Roman Theatre, Kom El-Dikka, built in the 2nd century AD with 13 semicircular tiers of white and gray marble and marble seats for up to 800 spectators; Montazah Palace, built in 1892 by Abbas II of Egypt, the last khedive of Egypt, now containing a museum of royal relics and extensive gardens open to the public; Ras el-Tin Palace, not open to visitors.

Alexandria National Museum, with more than 1800 archaeological pieces from Prehistoric, Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman periods as well as Coptic and Islamic era; Graeco-Roman Museum, Raml station, historical museum. Museum of Fine Arts, Moharram Bey, exhibiting a lot of royal and precious jewels. National Institute For Oceanography & Fisheries, El Anfoushy (beside QaitBay), with aquarium and museum displays. Royal Jewelry Museum, Zezenia, exhibiting royal and precious jewels, closed for renovation.

Modern Alexandria
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, East of the Corniche, huge modern library and research center constructed on the site of the former Library of Alexandria, together with a conference center, a planetarium as well as displays of ancient texts; Montazah Royal Gardens, with access to lovely beaches. The Corniche by the Mediterranean Sea, a leisure and fascinating 15km walkway dotted with restaurants, markets and historic sites.

Visits outside Alexandria: Amba Mina Monastery, 45 km southwest of the city, an ancient Christian holy city. El Alamein, 106 km west of Alexandria, site of several important battles from history. Marina resort, high life beachside resort some 100 km from Alexandria.

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Interesting Cities
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